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#752754 - 06/13/07 09:49 PM Agreement Governing Purchasing of Euro Time Dep
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I am performing an audit of the investment function within our institution which includes purchasing of Euro Time Deposits through a major Chicago bank. I have asked our investment manager for an account agreement or other agreements that outline terms, responsibilities, account signers etc. The invesetment manager has stated that there is no account agreement or any other documentation outlining terms etc. The major Chicago bank used for this purpose is not our correspondent bank or used for any other type of clearing purposes. Has anyone heard of purchasing Euro Time Deposits without an agreement or any other type of documentation regarding this type of relationship? What should the minimum acceptable documentation be that an institution should have regarding this activity (other than the purchase and maturity confirmations)?

Thank you.

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#760846 - 06/26/07 03:22 PM Re: Agreement Governing Purchasing of Euro Time Dep one auditor
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I couldn't find any standard agreement (unlike an industry standard for repurchase agreements) but agree with you that there should be some documentation defining the roles and responsibilities of each party. Is it possible that such an agreement exists on a broader level, e.g. does your bank do loan participations or other activities with this "major Chicago bank" that might also address this investment activity?
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