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#75973 - 04/25/03 04:15 PM Freddie LP Fee and GFE
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I have reviewed the great discussions in this site on this subject and looked at the rules. I am still puzzled by one issue. We just began using Freddie's Loan Prospector (LP) to underwrite loans. As you all probably know, the fee is $20. We have not yet received an invoice, but I have heard that Freddie's invoice will show the breakdown of the amount to be paid to the 3 credit bureaus they use and the amount Freddie retains.

If this information is available, are we supposed to show the entire breakdown of the fee on the GFE as follows?

1. Freddie's underwriting fee on one fee line (Not the
entire $20 but that portion they will keep for

2. The credit bureau's aggregate fees on another fee line
(My understanding is that on the GFE, you do not have
to list the providers, except for required providers.)

3. Required Service Provider section to list Freddie and
the 3 individual credit bureaus.

Thanks for your help!
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#75974 - 04/25/03 05:36 PM Re: Freddie LP Fee and GFE
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I think you have been misinformed; our LP invoices only list the total cost ($20.00) per customer. There is no further breakdown. You would only need to show the $20.00 to Freddie Mac.
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