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#781283 - 07/24/07 01:24 PM BAM Users - Help!!
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We have just installed BAM and frankly, I'm not feel warm and fuzzy about how to use it. The training was basic at best. The User Manual for the reports has good information but it will take me a while to wade through them and I have an exam in 6 weeks.

Would anyone be willing to share what reports you use, their frequency, criteria, etc.? Anything at all you would be willing to share would be awesome!

Feel free to PM me if you'd rather respond that way.

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#781591 - 07/24/07 04:43 PM Re: BAM Users - Help!! Rubaiyat
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We just went live with BAM this year. Weíre still trying to get a handle on which reports to review. I perform the annual BSA/AML compliance audit and havenít spent much time familiarizing myself with the various reports (yet), but hereís a listing of what the BSA analyst reviews regularly:

Validate all unrecognized transactions in BAM
CTR review Ė (we also review our core processorís aggregate cash reports because we recently had a $150,000 cash transaction that didnít appear on the BAM report)

Every two weeks
FinCEN 314a - BAM

1st and the 15th of each month
Structured transaction report - BAM
Wire log report Ė BAM

OFAC scan will be run the business day following an email, received from Bridger, indicating an update to a list has been made.

I have a couple sample report reviews and frequencies lists from BAM that I can fax if you didnít receive copies with your training.
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#781603 - 07/24/07 04:51 PM Re: BAM Users - Help!! Rubaiyat
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Review the Cash Report, the Wire Report..
You can Export the Wire Report to Excel and sort by Bene or amount.
There is also a Monetary Instrument Log report to review, as well as ACH and ATM reports.

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