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#8153 - 12/21/01 03:42 PM OFAC and purchasing loans
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Am I being too conservative to require that loans (mortgages) that we (a bank) purchase from outside banks or from a non-bank affiliate would have been screened against the SDN lists, etc.?

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#8154 - 12/21/01 04:06 PM Re: OFAC and purchasing loans

That's a good question, I know that the loans we sell to Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and Ginnie Mae do not have any requirements for us to check the SDN list before they buy the loans from us. I supposed that's something that could very well change in the near future.

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#8155 - 12/21/01 04:47 PM Re: OFAC and purchasing loans
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Based on what our regulators are telling us I don't think you can be too conservative when it comes to OFAC. As a result of a recommendation at a recent meeting with our EIC, we are now screening any non-customer loan applicant(customers would have already been checked) against the SDN list prior to funding any loan. If it were me, I would also carry that over to purchased loans as well.

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