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#818145 - 09/19/07 05:03 PM To sign or not to sign
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I know this has been discussed before. I just did a search and couldn't find anything. So I am asking again, sorry.

We are having an outside firm do our Director's Audit. They are reviewing some loan files and have made the comment that the credit agreement/note (this is a HELOC) was not signed by the bank. We do not have anything in our policy that states they must sign the note.

I know in a previous position I had we always looked at the original notes to make sure they were signed by an authorized representative of the bank. Maybe this was due to the fact that it was in the loan policy?

Anyway I wanted to have a good response to this examiner. Can any one provide one?


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#818183 - 09/19/07 05:29 PM Re: To sign or not to sign deh
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There are no Federal requirements that loan agreements be signed by the bank. Any requirements for the bank to sign the note would be based on State law or bank policy.
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#819692 - 09/20/07 08:09 PM Re: To sign or not to sign rlcarey
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Our state approved note forms print out a line for the loan officer to sign, under the customer.
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#821121 - 09/21/07 09:44 PM Re: To sign or not to sign Nanwa
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But is that like the RoR forms that have a signature line for the customer that doesn't need to be there? My point is, is required, or is just OK to be there?

Next question, if you don't want to sign them, buy forms that don't have a space.

Think about it. How many contractual relationship agreements do you like to review that have spaces and unsigned blanks in them? It just looks bad.
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