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#816974 - 09/18/07 01:46 PM Dashboard reports
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This forum is really timely, considering our initial ERM committee meeting is tomorrow...thanks, Andy!

One of our tasks is to come up with some common measuring tools for Board reporting. This isn't so much the standard stuff that the Board sees regularly (as in ALCO data or ALLL information), but rather measurements from 50,000 feet. And ideally we'll be able to mash everything together into one page (hah!).

We have a couple of ideas going in, but what metrics are others using in their risk committees? I appreciate any recommendations -
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#821903 - 09/24/07 07:50 PM Re: Dashboard reports Bartman
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Look at your risk assessments and see which items are key indicators for different areas of the bank. What lets you know you have a potential problem in commercial lending or consumer lending. Look at delinquencies (including trends), exceptions, etc. For ALCO look at cost of funds, deposit rates, interest rate margin (with trends), etc.

You want this information to be an early warning system; set triggers for action when certain thresholds are reached.
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