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#831411 - 10/10/07 02:40 PM Reavtivating dormant accounts...
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So I am very comfortable with our procedures regarding deposits and withdrawals to dormant accounts and the controls over this activity. My question is this - the account status must manually be changed after activity has occured. Who is the best person to perform this type of maintenace? Obviously someone with no transaction authority. But would the operations person who is verifying the deposits/withdrawals the next day be okay to perform this maintenance? Or should she simply be reviewing and forwarding the proper accounts that should be activiated onto another party?

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#831432 - 10/10/07 02:50 PM Re: Reavtivating dormant accounts... A_G
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Dual controls over activity in dormant accounts is the safest. You are primarily guarding against bank employee abuse of these accounts.
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