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#84176 - 05/31/03 03:06 PM HMDA totals?
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I know the breakdown of HMDA loans is on the FFIEC website, but can I get the raw LAR information online for selected lenders? My bank only wants to know how many loans various competitors reported on their LAR - no breakdown or details. Thank you.

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#84177 - 05/31/03 04:23 PM Re: HMDA totals?
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Not exactly what you want, but from here
click Disclosure
Enter institution name and info
Select any MSA
Select IRS table at the bottom

and you have LARs by MSA.

You can also contact those banks and look at their public LARs and reports or get the CDs from the FFIEC.
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#84178 - 06/02/03 08:04 PM Re: HMDA totals?
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Just an idea...but it sounds like they're looking for competitive info so here goes. Local title agencies tend to keep track of this. We get a fax every week on the number of loans booked in state and who they were booked for (bank). If it's raw data that you're looking for, you might be able to be put on a distribution list as well by having your lender contact their title company contacts.
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