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#851443 - 11/08/07 04:37 PM Touchy situation

Does anyone have any experience in dealing with employees that have been 'caught' looking at other employees accounts? Our system 'blocks' them from looking and seeing balances, however, there are reports that we pull that show when an employee is accessing those accounts. Any wordage or policy that your bank might have would be helpful.

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#851726 - 11/08/07 08:08 PM Re: Touchy situation Anonymous
NotALawyer Offline
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Once it has been identified that the employee viewed an account they should not have, they are pulled aside and asked if they did and why they did. If they did not have a legitimate business need to view the information they are terminated and escorted from the premises. All of this is spelled out in the hiring docs and ongoing employee conduct training.

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#852105 - 11/09/07 02:26 PM Re: Touchy situation NotALawyer
mkp122 Offline
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Only certain people have access to view employees account - operations, security. All other employees are blocked from viewing. We had a situation several years ago where several employees accessed other employees accounts to see their holiday bonuses. We terminated them as was noted in our IT policies.

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