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#852008 - 11/09/07 12:16 AM Credit Admin- Loan Review Audit Ideas?
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Does any one have an audit program or ideas of what to include in a credit admin/loan review audit- specifically the area of management and board reporting? Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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#855738 - 11/16/07 07:01 AM Re: Credit Admin- Loan Review Audit Ideas? Banker27
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You should start with what the department actually does, what reporting are they responsible for and check for accuracy and timeliness of reporting.

You will generally find reporting on loan delinquencies, portfolio concentrations, policy exceptions, insider lending limits, loan review results (if this area is responsible for loan review), ratings changes and trends, etc. It is difficult to make a one size fits all as this area's responsibilities varies so much from bank to bank.
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#855792 - 11/16/07 02:11 PM Re: Credit Admin- Loan Review Audit Ideas? Kathleen O. Blanchard
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You might also want to include areas of compliance and safety and soundeness issues during the review...

For example, does the insurance name the bank as loss payee, was the customer given the notice of right to cancel, etc. I think those would fall under your policy exceptions, as Kaybee previously mentioned.
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#858780 - 11/21/07 02:29 PM Re: Credit Admin- Loan Review Audit Ideas? A_G
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Kaybee detailed a good list (as usual!) You may want to include a step for looking at the org chart. Look for dotted lines to the wrong places, etc. I knew of a bank that had loan review with a dotted line to the SVP of commercial lending. They submitted reports to a committee but he actually presented.

Also, check who is involved in their reviews (you may be surprised) and if they have an incentive program. Incentive programs are OK, but look at what is incented.

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#859146 - 11/21/07 06:23 PM Re: Credit Admin- Loan Review Audit Ideas? Cornfed Turtle
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I would start with the Policy and Procedures first and then move into what Kaybee said.

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