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#865713 - 12/04/07 04:49 PM Can they do this?
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In reviewing a high risk customer's profile I see that the business description for this customer states that they are a wholesaler of used cars, which are mostly purchased from auto auctions. They are utilizing the "license" from another used car dealer (dealer B), who charges them a flat fee for every car sold. Dealer A stores their cars at a warehouse owned by Dealer B for a short time, until they are sold and ready to b eshipped to Africa. In addition Dealer A rents office space from Dealer B.

This is actaully whjat was written on the customer's profile as a business description. My question is, aside from all of things wrong with this scenario...can Dealer A actually and legally use Dealer B's license? I know it's not appropriate, but is it illegal? I would greatly appreciate any feed back or comments from you guys...

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#865780 - 12/04/07 05:28 PM Re: Can they do this? Little Miss BSA
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This is probably a state specific issue.

I am more familiar with Contractor Licenses. They are issued to an individual (only) who can then be the Responsible Managing Owner (RMO) or Responsible Managing Employee (RME) of a contracting business. Might a similar scenario fit here? The state is probably most concerned that a licensed individual is responsible for the activity at the dealership.

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