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#869459 - 12/08/07 01:14 PM Happy Birthday Bagweaver!!
Beagles22 Offline
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State of confusion
I hope you have a great Birthday!! Do something fun!
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#869462 - 12/08/07 02:18 PM Re: Happy Birthday Bagweaver!! Beagles22
Countess Kiwi Offline
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Happy Birthday, Bagweaver.

Hope you have a great day!
Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
~Theodore Roosevelt~

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#869479 - 12/08/07 07:23 PM Re: Happy Birthday Bagweaver!! Countess Kiwi
Mrs. Rizzo Offline
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Mrs. Rizzo
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Curled up by the fire...
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great one!!!
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#869538 - 12/09/07 04:53 PM Re: Happy Birthday Bagweaver!! Mrs. Rizzo
TheManofSteel Offline
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Fortress of Solitude
Hope you had an awesome birthday, and may many more await you
"Beneath an ever watchful eye...the angels of the temple fly"

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#869561 - 12/10/07 01:22 PM Re: Happy Birthday Bagweaver!! TheManofSteel
Bagweaver Offline
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Thanks for the wishes.

In fact, I had a great birthday celebration. I was with my son and his family. My favorite gift was a family calendar loaded with pictures of them.
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#869562 - 12/10/07 01:23 PM Re: Happy Birthday Bagweaver!! Bagweaver
DeeQ Offline
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Turnpike Exit 10
Sorry I missed it! I hope oyu had a great time!
Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. - Mark Twain

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#869567 - 12/10/07 01:42 PM Re: Happy Birthday Bagweaver!! DeeQ
waldensouth Offline
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Happy Belated Birthday, Bagweaver! Hope you enjoyed it! I know you were able to get outside and have some fun in this 80 degree weather we had all weekend!
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- Frederick Douglass

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#869574 - 12/10/07 01:50 PM Re: Happy Birthday Bagweaver!! waldensouth
Pale Rider Offline
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Pale Rider
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under the Lone Star
belated wishes Bag!!!
Societies that do not find work in and of itself "pleasing to God and requisite to Man," tend to be highly corrupt.

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#869581 - 12/10/07 01:59 PM Re: Happy Birthday Bagweaver!! Pale Rider
Skittles Offline
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Yes, sorry I missed your birthday Bagweaver. I'm glad you ahd a great one.
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#869628 - 12/10/07 02:46 PM Re: Happy Birthday Bagweaver!! Skittles
pjs Offline
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Glad you had a great time on your birthday.

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