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#873384 - 12/14/07 05:45 PM CRCM Exam
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Congratulations to those of you that passed the CRCM exam. Could you pass along some advice to those of us that will be taking it in the future? I have only been in compliance for one year so I still have a long way to go but I plan to take the exam at some point. What suggestions would you have for studying? I am the only compliance person at my bank so I have to try to learn it all. After one year I fill like I have barely started.

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#873469 - 12/14/07 06:34 PM Re: CRCM Exam petcat
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I took the ABA's Online Review Course right before the test. I found this helped keep me on track with studying. Some of the content in the course is not on the actual test, but it is still a good place to start and to help keep you organized. Good luck to you in the future!

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#873814 - 12/14/07 10:31 PM Re: CRCM Exam Peacock
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20 years as a compliance officer and I'm still d@mn glad I took the online review course before the exam - you need to understand the format of the exam as much as you need to know the regs.

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#873841 - 12/14/07 10:45 PM Re: CRCM Exam HMS Pippii
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I also took the online course right before the exam and I am so glad that I did. It kept me on track as far as preparing for the exam. Some of topics covered in the course are not on the exam but they were still useful.

The book is definately worth the money. I know that I use it as a resource for years to come.

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#873864 - 12/14/07 10:54 PM Re: CRCM Exam -5K-, CRCM
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I agree, the online course helped me keep on track and understand how the questions would be worded. The manual is a great resource you'll use often.
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#874171 - 12/17/07 03:41 PM Re: CRCM Exam Walleye Woman
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In addition to the materials that were suggested, you might also call the ICB and ask for a mentor to help you study. These mentors are CRCMs who will volunteer their time to assist you in preparing for the exam. You can ask them questions on topics or specifics that you need help outside the class or the materials. The mentors are available throughout the country.
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#875184 - 12/18/07 06:35 PM Re: CRCM Exam CSpellman
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Does anyone who took the CRCM exam reccomend taking the ABA National Compliance School and ABA Graduate School of Compliance Risk Management to prepare for the exam? If not, what other seminars or training should I take to prepare for the exam besides the online review course? I plan on taking the exam sometime this year, but I want to be completely prepared for it and pass on the first try.

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#875216 - 12/18/07 06:54 PM Re: CRCM Exam RCRM
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ktac MITCH
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I went to the Grad School as part of meeting the education hours before taking the test. IMO - The content of the school is more management and not a great preperation for the test.
I studied the ABA guide on my own and I wish I had used the online portion as well - keeping me on track with a study schedule, etc.
Also, as others said, preparing for the way the questions are worded & practicing " stepping out of your bank situation " and applying principals is great.
A question might give a situation and ask what should you do first - and one of the answers might be "Tell the Pres"
If you are from a smaller institution with an active Pres that wants to be kept informed of every situation / problem & hates to be suppriesed . . . This might be your real-life correct answer but not the correct answer for the test.
My opinions are just that, and might be worth what you paid for them.

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#875427 - 12/18/07 09:25 PM Re: CRCM Exam ktac MITCH
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I did the same and agree with ktac MITCH. The only good thing about taking the CRCM test right after Grad School was that I had time uninterrupted by family etc to do one last look thru.

The point about stepping out of your bank situation is especially important.
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