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#898626 - 02/01/08 09:55 PM Teller Outage Policy
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Would you be willing to share your bank's policy on handling teller cash outages? We're looking to beef up our policy. I am particularly interested in seeing what types of limits you set on tellers before disciplinary action is taken, and what type of discipline is used.

I have reviewed the sample policy in Banker's Tools and like it, but would still like to see what other banks are doing.

If you could send me your actual policy, please send me a pm and I will give you my email. Thanks!

TGIF to all!

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#899121 - 02/04/08 05:25 PM Re: Teller Outage Policy DownSouth1
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wishful thinking ...
This is what we have in our Teller Policy. We have a form called Notice of Teller Difference that is required to be completed.

All differences will be recorded in the Teller Over and Short General Ledger account on the same business day as the difference occurs. The ticket to the general ledger account must be initialed by the Supervisor and the teller. If a teller has an outage of $20.00 or more and it is not found in proof on the same business day, the Notice of Teller Difference form must be filled out, scanned and emailed to the Internal Auditor and the Corporate Security Officer by the close of the following business day.

Remedial Action
A teller will receive a written warning, which will be documented in his/her personnel file, if he/she has:
1.A total of five differences over $3.00 (over or short)in any 30-day period.
2.A total of three differences over $10.00 (over or short) or more in any 30-day period.
3.A total cumulative difference of $100.00 or more in any 30-day period.
4.A single outage of $250.00 or more.
5.Procedural errors resulting in the negotiating of a forgery, cashing of an item with a valid stop payment order, an account with a hold or an account that is coded on EZ Teller with a SAM alert.

A teller may be placed on 30-day probation after six differences of $10 or more within a 90 day period.

A teller may be dismissed if any of the events in items 1-5 occur while on introductory probation or while on probation for six differences within a 90 day period. Termination may occur of any difference in excess of $250.00 at any time.
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