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#90967 - 06/24/03 02:11 PM Where's Friday's Frivolty????????

It is usually earlier than Friday......What could the subject be this time.

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#90968 - 06/24/03 02:17 PM Re: Where's Friday's Frivolty????????
Deena Offline
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Frivolity (on any day) has moved to the Chat! - BOL Watercooler Forum.
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#90969 - 06/24/03 02:17 PM Re: Where's Friday's Frivolty????????
Kara S Offline
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Milwaukee, WI
Have you checked out the Water Cooler? All the frivolty you could need!
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#90970 - 06/24/03 06:05 PM Re: Where's Friday's Frivolty????????
Tom C Offline
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Since Friday's frivolity was starting on Thursday and wrapping into Monday, and sometimes longer (I think one week recently it even lapped into the second week and was still going strong!), Mary Beth wisely moved it to "the Cooler"! Join us there!

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#90971 - 06/24/03 07:05 PM Re: Where's Friday's Frivolty????????
Bucko Offline
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S orry H oney, I t's T uesday!!!
"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." Carl Jung

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#90972 - 06/25/03 02:53 AM Re: Where's Friday's Frivolty????????
JacF Offline

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At the Watercooler, every day is Friday.

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