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#915423 - 03/05/08 05:07 PM SF 2390- Social security number collection and use
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Has anyone come across S.F. No. 2390 for the 2007-2008 legislative session? The description is "A bill for an act relating to consumer protection: modifying restrictions on the collection and use of Social Security numbers..."

Link to text of bill on Minnesota State's legislative web site

Question - Will this restrict the sale of consumer credit reports since the consumer's social security number has "no independent economic value"?

And, yes, I'll be running this by counsel.

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#916034 - 03/06/08 02:15 PM Re: SF 2390- Social security number collection and use NotALawyer
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Are you a member of the Minnesota Banker's Association, by any chance? If you are, they have been sending some updates about this as it progreses through legislature, which I'm sure you can get off their website.

I haven't looked at it too closely (yet), but my understanding that the state banking association (along with other groups) are trying to get an exemption somehow for credit bureaus...

Maybe someone else has more info...
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