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#912974 - 02/29/08 06:10 PM SS Card "Valid for Work Only..."
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A customer opened an account with a SS card that has "Valid For Work Only with DHS Authorization" on it. The card also has the date 11/27/2007 in the lower right hand corner.

During non-documentary verfication, we received information that the social security number became available for issuance in 1991. By calucation, he would have been nine years old at the time the number was issued.

Our employee questioned him and he stated he was issued the number when he was a child and he is now a US citizen but he never got his card updated to where it didn't say "valid for work only..".

If he were issued the number as a child, would the card really say "for work only"?

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#915731 - 03/05/08 09:24 PM Re: SS Card "Valid for Work Only..." PeeWee
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We have also received this type of card for a minor. I thought maybe the child's parents were here under that restriction so it applied to the whole family.....

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#915801 - 03/05/08 10:01 PM Re: SS Card "Valid for Work Only..." Compliance Mom
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My husband is a British citizen, and when he moved here, he received his social security card with the same notation on it.

It doesn't mean that the number is "valid for work only"... it means that he must have DHS (Department of Homeland Security) authorization to get a job (for which he would need that number).

Once he was here, he had to apply for a "Work Permit", but got his social security number before that. Thus the notation on the card, which basically means "Here is your social security number, but you can't use it to work unless you have work authorization from immigration".

Now that he's a permanent resident, that number can be converted to a "permanent" number and a new card will be issued without the disclaimer.

Hope that's helpful!
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#921033 - 03/12/08 05:38 PM Re: SS Card "Valid for Work Only..." KrisH
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Thank you - this information was very helpful!

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