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#966828 - 05/30/08 03:39 PM advertisement for employment
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We placed a newspaper ad for employment purposes. If job applicants respond to our ad, and we do not hire the applicants are we required to send out a letter letting them know that they didn't get the job. I know we need to send out a notice when we do not hire based on their credit report, but what if we do not get a credit report. Do we need to let the applicants who applied know?

thanking you in advance.

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#967105 - 05/30/08 07:35 PM Re: advertisement for employment banker-12
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I don't think it is required, but to me, it is courtesy and good PR. Having been on the job hunt before, I appreciate hearing from the company that I took the time to apply, even if it was a "thanks, but no thanks" reply.
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#967196 - 05/30/08 09:39 PM Re: advertisement for employment Tricia
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I agree 100% with Frenchie. It is a courtesy to let everyone know. If they took their time to respond to your ad you should thank them for their interest in the position.I try to always remember that these applicants are potential clients so we always treat with respect.

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#973288 - 06/11/08 06:33 PM Re: advertisement for employment hrlady
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It's also good to send a quick message saying you recieved their application (cheap form-letter postcards are good for this). That way you don't get people sending resumes, emails, and phone calls just trying to figure ut if you got their information.

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