I want to ensure you've heard about our "Lending Compliance Conference - the Daily Challenge"

This will be a transactional or workflow type conference. Instead of 2 hours on Reg Z and 2 hours on RESPA, we'll talk in terms of workflow from being involved in product development to delivery and audit with everything in-between. The emphasis is on "a day in the life" and that day being in 2008. That means we focus on what you are focusing on, today's problems. We'll be hitting the hot spots of complying with old and new requirements as we follow the progression of what the compliance officer is doing in their bank. We'll include the FCRA/FACTA requirements, JWNDAA (military and military related borrowers), flood, E-Sign, using CRA and HMDA data, risk based pricing and much more. We'll also cover what we know has happened, and what we see in the form of proposals.

Take and look and see what you like. http://www.bolconferences.com/lcdc/agenda.html
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