Think Like a terrorist!

Well, this is what Intelligence & law enforcement agencies do in order to develop tactics to analyze and thwart Terrorist acts.

Bankers also should think like terrorists when it comes to Use of COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY AND FORGED DOCUMENTS.

Here is what Al Qaeda Training Manual Says:


Financial Security Precautions:

1. Dividing operational funds into two parts: One part is to
Be invested in projects that offer financial return, and
The other is to be saved and not spent except during

2. Not placing operational funds [all] in one place.

3. Not telling the Organization members about the location of
The funds.

4. Having proper protection while carrying large amounts of

5. Leaving the money with non-members and spending it as

Forged Documents (Identity Cards, Records Books, Passports)

The following security precautions should be taken:

1. Keeping the passport in a safe place so it would not be
Seized by the security apparatus, and the brother it
Belongs to would have to negotiate its return (I'll give
You your passport if you give me information)

2. All documents of the undercover brother, such as identity
Cards and passport should be falsified.

3. When the undercover brother is traveling with a certain
Identity card or passport, he should know all pertinent
[Information] such as the name, profession, and place of

4. The brother who has special work status (commander,
Communication link,) should have more than one identity
Card and passport. He should learn the contents of each,
The nature of the [indicated] profession, and the dialect
Of the residence area listed in the document.

5. The photograph of the brother in these documents should be
Without a beard. It is preferable that the brother's
Public photograph [on these documents] be also without a
Beard. If he already has one [document] showing a
Photograph with a beard, he should replace it.

6. When using an identity document in different names, no more
Than one such document should be carried at one time.


7. The validity of the falsified travel documents should
Always be confirmed.

8. All falsification matters should be carried out through the
Command and not haphazardly (procedure control)

9. Married brothers should not add their wives to there

10. When a brother is carrying the forged passport of a certain
Country, he should not travel to that country. It is easy
To detect forgery at the airport, and the dialect of the
Brother is different from that of the people from that

Security Precautions Related to the Organizationsí Given Names:

1. The name given by the Organization [to the brother] should
Not be odd in comparison with other names used around him.
2. A brother should not have more than one name in the area
Where he lives {the undercover work place)

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