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#975178 - 06/13/08 08:31 PM Facsimile Signatures
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For a business using a Facsimile signature is it necessary to have a letter or an Affidavit along with the signature card.
Thank you.

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#976570 - 06/17/08 05:59 PM Re: Facsimile Signatures snull
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Just curious. What are you using faxed signatures for?
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#976923 - 06/18/08 04:27 AM Re: Facsimile Signatures snull
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I gather you are meaning a deposit customer using the facsimile (stamp) signature? If so, yes you really should have an affidavit or agreement on file that you suggested to have the customer acknowledge the liability that they have with using the stamp (physical security of the stamp, responsibility for unauthorized use, etc.). Your account agreement should also speak to the liability and UCC issues that may be involved too. Good luck.

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