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#981189 - 06/24/08 06:55 PM BSA Officer contingency Planning
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Can anyone direct me to something in writing that supports the expectation that there should be someone in the bank who is qualified to be a back-up for the BSA Officer in the case of sudden illness, etc? We were told at a BSA seminar that this is a hot topic with the examiners but were give no further information. I want to use this as a comment in my BSA Audit and would like something to back the comment up.

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#982697 - 06/26/08 01:58 PM Re: BSA Officer contingency Planning Ready to Retire
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I am the BSA Officer at my bank. We recently had a BSA exam and the examiners were very happy to hear that I had Board approved, trained back-up. We are a small bank, so my back-up person also wears many other hats, but she has been designated and trained. I don't think that this is included in any regulation, it is a strong "recommendation".

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#982903 - 06/26/08 03:57 PM Re: BSA Officer contingency Planning renniks
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My examiners have been very happy to see a binder that I put together that detailed MY procedures. (what I do on a daily, monthly, quarterly ... etc ... basis)

So if I were to win the lottery & run off to Mexico - someone could essentially pick up my binder & run the show.

at least that's the idea. :o)
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#983013 - 06/26/08 05:06 PM Re: BSA Officer contingency Planning WonderWoman
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A couple of years ago our examiners asked us to put a contingency plan in place. We've identified a trained individual to fill in for the BSA Officer if the need should ever arise.

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