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#998655 - 07/18/08 01:30 AM FDIC Ins Brochures
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I was speaking with Sam Ott today. Some of you know Sam. He is an attorney. He was in a client bank and discovered something. There is newer version of the FDIC "Your Insured Deposits" brochure. This bank received a new shipment and they looked so much like the old, they assumed they were the same.

I have an old set on my desk. (So should any of your staff who may answer questions of consumers, and there are plenty of them post IndyMac.) My older set ("Insuring Your Deposits" and "Your Insured Deposits") has a date on the cover saying "Updated April 2006." The newer version of the "Your Insured Deposits" isn't dated like that, has 31 pages not 27, and the newer version has a code at the back panel, bottom, of FDIC-001-2007. The older version has ...2006.

You may want to get these newer brochures and replace the old ones.

In addition to ordering these, you can find them online here, .
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#998678 - 07/18/08 03:19 AM Re: FDIC Ins Brochures Andy_Z
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And they're FREE!!

Another excellent tool is EDIE, the online Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator, which available at the website. You can plug in information and provide a printed report to your customers. It beats using a legal pad to write out the calculations....
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#998750 - 07/18/08 12:30 PM Re: FDIC Ins Brochures BBoyd
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You can also print these brochures directly from the internet. I've ordered the booklets but have posted a link on our bank's intranet for our staff to use until the order arrives.
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#998839 - 07/18/08 01:54 PM Re: FDIC Ins Brochures Andy_Z
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Is there a link to order online?

I know it's probably right in front of me, but I'm not seeing it (the whole forest/tress thing).

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#998845 - 07/18/08 01:58 PM Re: FDIC Ins Brochures M Cockrell
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You can also order vidoes that are free.

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#998858 - 07/18/08 02:05 PM Re: FDIC Ins Brochures M Cockrell
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#998888 - 07/18/08 02:29 PM Re: FDIC Ins Brochures rlcarey
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Funny - I ordered some new ones yesterday. We are hoping to include in customer's statements in order to reassure them.
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