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Forum Rules Posting Guidelines is for discussions by bankers and those in the industry.

Registration with a bank verifiable email address is required unless you can provide evidence that you work in the industry and do not have a business email address available. Use of your bank email address will also allow access to private banker forums that are closed to the public and open only to bankers.

Here are some BOL posting guides to help you get the most from Bankers' Threads and the BankersOnline Community.

  • Political discussions are NOT allowed unless the topic has a direct relationship to banking. These discussions should be in the business threads. An example of an acceptable discussion is about a bill in Congress or funding for FEMA. An unacceptable post is a debate over the attributes or comparison of political beliefs. *

  • Religious discussions are NOT allowed unless the topic has a direct relationship to banking. These discussions should be in the business threads. An example of an acceptable discussion is a fair lending issue. An unacceptable post is a debate over the attributes or comparison of religious beliefs. *

  • *As to the political and religious prohibitions above, the selection of avatars and signature lines are included. If a moderator deems any of these to be inappropriate, the discussion, avatar or signature may be deleted and those contributing to the actual violation may have their registration revoked.

  • Attempt to search for a previous thread that answers your question before posting a new thread. There is a search function on the threads page. Many questions have also been asked and answered by BOL Gurus and may be found by searching the main site.

  • Don't type in ALL CAPS. It is the Internet equivalent of shouting. It can also be difficult to read.

  • Don't post the same question in multiple places unless it isn't answered within a reasonable time.

  • Remember that if you post your question on a weekend or holiday, you may not get a response until people return to work.

  • Don't ask questions like "Do you have a panic button at each teller cage?" that address specific security concerns. Responses may be guarded, to avoid divulging sensitive information.

  • Don't ask l o n g drawn-out questions or ask several questions in the same post. You'll get better results if you keep your questions short, and ask them one at a time.

  • Don't suggest that you are only interested in a response that includes a citation to authority. Obviously, a citation increases the value of any response. However, you may also gain valuable insight from the person who knows the answer, but is unable to provide a citation at the moment. (Some of our posters respond even when they are away from their resource materials.)

  • Use a descriptive title for your question and post it in the most appropriate forum you see.

  • If a question that you asked doesn't get answered within a reasonable time, post a "bump" reply to your own question to bring it back to the top of the list of threads. You may catch the eye of someone who missed your post the first time.

  • When you post a question and you want to know when it is replied to, consider adding it to your favorites. A link to do so is at the bottom of each thread. You can elect to receive an e-mail when a response is posted on favorite threads. Click on the "My Home" link, then the "Subscribe/Unsubscribe" link in the Main Configuration area to activate the e-mail option. (This feature only works if you are signed on as a registered user.)

  • Even if you don't have a "burning issue" for other users, check Bankers Threads often to benefit from other questions being asked and answered.

  • Remember, BOL should be one stop in your quest for compliance information. While we have many experienced people here, they are people and can make mistakes. It is your responsibility as a user to determine the accuracy of the information provided. Be aware that opinions are being stated most of the time.

  • Remember that the written word often falls short of conveying a complete message. It omits tone of voice, body language and facial expression. Make use of the emoticons (smiley faces) and think carefully about what you say. Also, be careful about "reading between the lines" in someone else's posts. Don't assume the other person's attitude or state of mind from the words themselves.

  • Flaming of other posters and advertising for commercial purposes is NOT permitted.

  • Don't ask for, or expect, legal research and advice. Most BOL posters are laypersons, and your question or concern may require professional attention.

  • Don't take advantage of posters who are also vendors who make their living dispensing information. You may seek professional advice from our vendors and we certainly encourage this. And please tell them you learned about them on BOL.

  • BOL can be a valuable resource for quick answers but there may be times when you may simply be provided a link to additional resources. These responses may encourage you to "fish" instead of being provided with the whole pre-cooked meal. This should not be taken personally, but as an opportunity to learn.

  • There is a broad range of experience among the users of the threads, but all are encouraged to contribute. Please keep this in mind when you are posting a question or a response. There are no "dumb" questions and we want to encourage everyone to participate.

  • When you get a helpful response, remember someone you don't know just did you a favor. There are a few participants whose questions some respondents go out of their way to answer because they always say, "Thank you."

  • Practice the golden rule. Treat others as you would have them treat you -- respectfully and kindly.