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Thread Starter: Anonymous
Title: Re: Withdrawn loan applications

Can a mortgage lender give you a denial letter and then their mortgage broker write a letter "claiming its not a true denial" but that she did a withdrawal of the loan? We just had this happen, we suspected our realters and loan broker were conniving to force us into a close after we got an out of job transfer, the broker claimed she needed the transfer papers to withdraw the loan, it was 5 days after her notification and our loan was still open and the realters hot and heavy trying to coerce us to still go to close...we step sided her n went directly to the underwriter and they gave the loan denial letter..then the mortgage broker writes at the request of the realter...that our loan denial was not a true denial and it was a withdrawal of the loan and then takes a screenshot of our loan and sends this to us, the realters, and (LOL) our lawyer as retaliation for not closing the way they planned. What should the lender have done about this? Are their any agencies I should be screaming to about this denial letter and this "reclarification of the denial letter" to?