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Thread Starter: Anonymous
Title: Re: Pay scale for BSA Officer

2019 reviver:
P.S. So, what I meant by that is, sure I can spend 5 hours trying to formulate my own guestimate as to how much I think a position is worth. Usually that must be done before applying, because so many places now require you to input a number into their online application, and their "salary requirement" field is mandatory, meaning you can't submit the application without stating a number. And when one app let me put in $1 one time, they just called me and asked me verbally for the figure, and wouldn't schedule a meeting without hearing the figure first. A friend on the inside had warned me that their shop routinely threw out apps where the number was too high. But rather than just telling applicants what it pays, they make you fill out a one-hour application form online, and take a test, then name your salary requirement, just so they can glance at the salary number you stated and toss your application to the side. That's the job market these days, from my perspective as a qualified applicant with a high salary expectation.

But when a position is being posted, the onus of disclosing the one single most basic and fundamental incentive for applying - salary - should be on the company posting the listing, not on the numerous individuals interested in applying.