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Thread Starter: Anonymous
Title: Re: Pay scale for BSA Officer

Originally Posted By Happy Gilmore
are you assuming your salary is what is keeping you from getting an interview, or have you specifically been told that?

That was addressed in my previous post:

Originally Posted By Anonymous
2019 reviver:
...when one app let me put in $1 one time, they just called me and asked me verbally for the figure, and wouldn't schedule a meeting without hearing the figure first. A friend on the inside had warned me that their shop routinely threw out apps where the number was too high. But rather than just telling applicants what it pays, they make you...name your salary requirement, just so they can glance at the salary number you stated and toss your application to the side.

It was just one time for me, where I was told that if your figure is too high, they shred the application. Plus my friend just had the experience of a bank withholding salary info until after the interview, then when they called him for a second interview, he asked if that meant the salary figure he named was being considered or had been accepted, they were shocked and offended, and the second interview didn't happen, all because he dared to confirm the salary was even within his range of numbers he might possibly accept.

Thanks for the rest of your post Hap - you were helpful, as always.

For those of you here who have posted complaints in this thread, I just want to say that I find it harmful and troll-like for frequent posters to chime in with meta commentary (complaining that a thread was revived, rather than answering or saying something relevant), or with criticisms of the people who post questions in these forums, and general chit-chat like that which is off-topic and an attempt to hijack or derail the Q&A process for people who are honestly just seeking help. If this was reddit or almost any forum other than BOL, that sort of negative "comment" and bullying, unhelpful behavior would have resulted in the poster being banned from the forum. Just sayin'.