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Thread Starter: P*Q
Title: Re: Pay scale for BSA Officer

Originally Posted By HappyGilmore
i believe the comments by a number of posters are that information of this nature is normally of little to no benefit because there are too many variables to consider, and without knowing very many specifics about the poster (location, experience, background, education, bank size, target bank size, current salary, hopeful salary, size of bank(s), number of staff, specific job duties, corporate and officer title, just to name a few), then the answer really does not provide anything. I certainly did not see anything that was troll like, nor any attempt to hijack the thread.

What i did see was several versions of the straight answer that nothing you will get here is likely to be of value for this type of a question. Since it appears you want someone to give you an answer that agrees with or validates your summation, counter responses appears to have made you decide you were being trolled, which i don't believe is happening.

For examples of trolling on BOL, see the "nfl cheaters" thread in the watercooler.