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Thread Starter: Adam Witmer
Title: Re: Structuring non-taxable funds??

I agree with what the others said and want to add that your bank isn't the judge and jury; a bank's job isn't to determine if structuring occurred. Its job is to report "suspicious" transactions that could be structuring. The intent very well may be fine, but if it looks like structuring and you have nothing to explain why the transactions aren't structuring, you should be considering it for a SAR. I've come to believe that the vast majority of non-bankers have no idea that structuring is a crime (or that "structuring" is even defined), and most would not do it if they really knew better. The thing with SARs is that we have to look at the quantifiable data. If the data looks like structuring, you don't need intent to file.

All of that said, you obviously have to look at each instance on a case-by-case basis as there could be mitigating factors that will sway a decision one way or another.