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Thread Starter: Anonymous
Title: Re: Pay scale for BSA Officer

Basically, I am wondering how much I "should" be making vs what I am making. I haven't been able to find any kind of real pay scale for a BSA position and have the feeling lately that I'm really being, well, screwed over.

When I accepted the position, we were a fairly small bank ($400M) but have since grown and acquired other banks and are now at roughly $850M with twice as many branch locations. I've been in this position almost two years and was the BSA assistant for awhile before that.

I make $35000 for the position of BSA Officer. I am in the midwest in a metropolitan area. It just seems like due to the added responsibilities that come with doubling in size in a short period of time...$35k ain't cutting it as far as compensating for stress level. Oh yeah...I'm also responsible for the operations half of compliance!

Just wondering if I have a leg to stand on if I were to ask for a raise (or demand one)? It's not like anyone else wants this job (we all know it takes a special breed to love BSA!), so I have a feeling if I threated to leave I could make something happen but I would really hate to do that only to find out later that my salary wasn't really that bad and I gave up a not-so-bad job for nothing.

Thanks for any help/advice...keep in mind that I am 25 so I haven't had a world of experience but a few years is better than nothing (right?!?).