Safeguarding Customer Information

Posted By: Bear Collector, CRCM

Safeguarding Customer Information - 02/08/01 10:09 PM

Does anyone know if any of the gurus, ABA, etc might be coming out with a model policy to help banks meet the requirements of the new Safeguarding of Customer Information guidelines? While I realize that the actual policies may be different for each bank, it would be helpful to have some kind of model to ensure that we are not missing something.
Or, does anyone have a written policy that complies with the recent guidelines that they would be willing to share? Leslie
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Safeguarding Customer Information - 02/09/01 03:50 AM

I'd recommend you ask the ABA directly on their web board. Get some attention of the ABA staff. The answer may be yes and it may be no, but if you post your question they'll know there is a need. Others do now, as well, but a cross-post isn't out of order.

Andy Zavoina
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