Purchase of Cashier's Check

Posted By: Jan94

Purchase of Cashier's Check - 03/13/01 10:30 PM

Has this happened to anyone? A customer wants to take money from his checking account to purchase a cashier's check made payable to himself and show someone else as the remitter and then deposit the check back into his own account for accounting purposes? I'm trying to research the UCC, but wondered if anyone else has heard of this before. Thanks.
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Purchase of Cashier's Check - 03/14/01 03:20 AM

I haven't heard of it. My first impression is that if it looks like a duck and quack likes a duck... But that is a terrible way to do anything underhanded, especially if all is done consecutively.

I would feel like the party to a crime if I knew I was assisting in falseifying the document/check by putting in a false remitter. It doesn't smell right.

Andy Zavoina
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Posted By: Dana Turner

Re: Purchase of Cashier's Check - 03/14/01 12:27 PM


I have seen similar frauds before. And it is a fraud -- likely another version of "the check's in the mail". This scheme has also been used successfully to bolster verbal and written statements made during the application process for home, construction, auto and jewelry loans.

Because this action is so far outside the scope of normal banking practices, your allowing this action to occur will likely create a horrendous liability for your institution.

Dana Turner
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