Reg GG

Posted By: Trees

Reg GG - 07/21/14 06:09 PM

Currently we discuss the reg, hand out a flyer and ask the customer to confirm whether or not they participate in internet gambling. Account opening staff are aware of the Reg and we have written procedures.

We do not specifically review accounts for potential activity other than when we run BSA rules we do check for some words in ACH/wires. We look at these to see if they appear suspicious but most of them use well known card settlement firms for legit transactions.

Would love to hear if your procedures are above and beyond ours. For example, did you program your BSA software to look for certain types of transactions or words. Thanks,
Posted By: J2C

Re: Reg GG - 07/22/14 08:38 PM

You can block unlawful internet gambling transactions through the BIN with your card vendor. They can shut it down.

Here is another thread that discusses the BINs.