Signature card filming

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Signature card filming - 01/28/04 05:52 PM

I work for a bank that is opening it's first branch office shortly. In a recent supervisor meeting the topic came up about filming the teller work and loan docs. They will be filmed because a courier will be driving them to the main office. I asked about signature cards being filmed and was told that they are not important. They want me to simply make a copy and keep it at the branch and forward the original. For one thing, I don't see the need for me to maintain files of copies of sig cards that can be obtained from the main office, and second----they should be filmed! They are just as important as a loan doc. What if we were called in to court? Any back-up I can get would be appreciated.
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Re: Signature card filming - 01/28/04 06:59 PM

Unless you copy the card and keep it at the branch would you be calling over to the main office every time one is needed? Do you guys image cards?
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Re: Signature card filming - 01/28/04 07:57 PM

I cannot think of any reason the branch would need to call the main office for a sig card. We do not image yet, it is coming. My concern is if we are called in to court and had to produce the original card and it was destroyed when the courier had an accident.
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Re: Signature card filming - 01/28/04 08:02 PM

We have 50 branches. We have the customer sign two original signatures cards at account opening. One is retained at the branch, the other is sent by courier to our centralized operations area for retention and quality assurance (where, by the way they are imaged). With this system, the branch can view a signature card if needed (although imaging will soon reduce the need for the branch pulling originals) and we still have an original signature card should something happen in transit.
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Re: Signature card filming - 01/28/04 11:50 PM

We also have the customer sign two signature cards at account opening. The card that gets imaged can easily be viewed by branches other than the home branch and cuts down on signature cards being faxed for verification of signature. The second original card is maintained at the home branch.