Compliance Risk Assessment Training

Posted By: NSF, CRCM

Compliance Risk Assessment Training - 02/28/18 03:58 PM

Good Morning Everyone,

I am wanting to hear some suggestions on good training for developing risk assessments concerning compliance regulations. Not a BSA risk assessment since that is handles by the BSA Officer at our institution, but for general compliance risk assessments. I have an excel based one that I developed on my own, but I feel like it could be better and I want to work on improving it.

Any suggestions are welcomed. Webinars, live training or anything thing that you have attended or sit through that you think would be beneficial.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Re: Compliance Risk Assessment Training - 02/28/18 05:29 PM

Can't be of much help because I do/have the same thing and I'm comfortable with how we've rated the various risks within our institution. It has not been criticized to date by anyone, so until it's broken.... smile
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Re: Compliance Risk Assessment Training - 02/28/18 06:00 PM

I'll be conducting a session on creating and completing compliance risk assessments at a compliance officer school in Wisconsin in April. You should fly in and check it out!
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Re: Compliance Risk Assessment Training - 03/01/18 02:26 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. smile