Bundled Services

Posted By: ahkcompliance

Bundled Services - 04/03/19 04:14 PM

Has anyone ever done bundled services? These bundles would included various services that you would normally be charged for separately and include them all in a bundle and you pay a monthly fee. The services would include checks, so many OD fees waived/refunded, etc.

This is something we are kicking around but I have a few questions on.
Posted By: Rocky P

Re: Bundled Services - 04/03/19 04:54 PM

Only seen them in conjunction with senior citizen direct deposit and included free checking, 50% off small safety deposit box, fee free cashier's checks, etc.
Posted By: ahkcompliance

Re: Bundled Services - 04/03/19 06:05 PM

Our senior account has those.

We are looking outside of that account and other services.
Posted By: P*Q

Re: Bundled Services - 04/04/19 04:12 PM

We do not offer these and quite frankly, what you've posted scares me a little bit, especially regarding the "so many OD fees waived, refunded" versus those customers/accounts who would be charged each time. In general I think it's tough for someone to opine without a lot more details on what your institution is looking to do.
Posted By: Rocky P

Re: Bundled Services - 04/04/19 04:17 PM

Piggybacking on PQ, what you would end up with are those who do not not a benefit, dropping the service, and the bank will be stuck with those getting the full benefits - cutting back fee income.
Posted By: BrianC

Re: Bundled Services - 04/04/19 06:58 PM

Make sure that you do not establish a formal process/account to waive/reduce OD fees based on age. An overdraft is an extension of credit under Reg B and charging different amounts for a credit transaction based on the prohibited basis of age will have fair lending consequences..
Posted By: ahkcompliance

Re: Bundled Services - 04/04/19 07:28 PM

Thanks everyone! Any account is able to select the bundles which include the OD fees. I am putting some disclosures together and going to send it off to our FDIC compliance examiner to review.