Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment

Posted By: Compliance Nut

Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment - 05/20/20 01:32 PM

Just curious here - what have you been seeing as the going rate for an Enterprise Wide Compliance Risk Assessment? I know it can depend on a lot of things, but if it's to cover all the regulations, etc.
Posted By: osucpa

Re: Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment - 05/21/20 12:15 PM

I think you are asking an opened question and will get a lot of various responses. Here is my take on question. If you are asking about Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), it is all over the place and depends on how bank management and/or the board views it. We are in the planning phase of it and all regulations would not be listed on it. Regulatory compliance would be a single line item on the risk assessment.
Posted By: HappyGilmore

Re: Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment - 05/21/20 04:28 PM

by going rate, do you mean:

-what would someone charge to your bank to create said assessment from scratch?
-what someone would charge to complete assessment?
-what it would cost for sometime to verify yours is accurate and covers proper info?

can you clarify your question?