Board Training Topics

Posted By: Irishguy

Board Training Topics - 09/02/20 06:01 PM

I'm looking for topics to cover in my Board training this year. We will be covering Fair Lending. Other topics we are considering include the following:

Endorsements for Products and Services
OCC CRA updates (we are not an OCC bank so this is a topic we may pass on)
Updates to Regulation CC
Updates to Regulation DD
California Privacy Rules
CFPB and Business Data Collection

Are there other topics you are covering this year? If so, I would love to hear/read some ideas.
Posted By: Darth HMDA, CRCM, CAMS

Re: Board Training Topics - 09/02/20 07:35 PM

Reg D changes
REgulatory change summary during pandemic
PPP compliance challenges
We provide BSA training to the board annually (in addition to CBT)
Pandemic risk mitigation and management (unless risk dept is in charge of)
Servicing and credit reporting changes during pandemic

Thats about all I can think of off the top of my head.
Posted By: edAudit

Re: Board Training Topics - 09/03/20 01:08 PM

For OCC I would ensure that BSA/AML is included annually in the past we included CMP's and C&D's as it was an eyeopener.

Also if you are an ABA member there is some free training.
Posted By: DeeQ

Re: Board Training Topics - 09/16/20 01:51 PM

Update to Reg D - Reserve Requirements
Posted By: Skittles

Re: Board Training Topics - 09/16/20 02:01 PM

I also perform UDAAP training at a very high level.