Board Packet Distribution

Posted By: hatman

Board Packet Distribution - 12/20/21 05:15 PM

Curious to know how you are distributing Board packets these days. Allowing a log-in to a secure portal for advance viewing, providing iPad/Fire Tablet at the meeting, or still using a notebook full of paper reports. If you use the portal, how do you alleviate security concerns that they walk away from their screen and inadvertently provide unauthorized access? Thanks.
Posted By: GoneToTexas

Re: Board Packet Distribution - 01/21/22 09:26 PM

We haven't provided paper reports for a long time. Board members are provided a link to a secure portal for viewing documents. As far as walking away from their screens, I see this as less of an issue than walking away from a binder full of papers.
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Board Packet Distribution - 01/21/22 11:37 PM

You could provide training for the directors in advance for cyber security and other reasons, how to navigate, notate, submit questions, report issues and protect corporate secrets and confidential information. Similarly your system may have settings that logout a user after minutes of inactivity.