Force placed insurance fee

Posted By: deltacrcm

Force placed insurance fee - 03/10/22 10:14 PM

Are there any banks in this group that charge a maintenance or service fee for force placing hazard and/or flood insurance? I am sure the permissibility of this will come down to state law but I was curious if this was common practice. I am conducting research on this on the consumer side as to how it would be disclosed. Management has also stated they would like to charge some type of service fee annually for escrow accounts so any insight into this practice is also welcome. Thanks in advance!
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: Force placed insurance fee - 03/10/22 11:15 PM

Charging or receiving a fee for force placing insurance is going to be a State law issue as you indicated. In many States unless you are licensed to sell insurance, receiving monetary gain due to the issuance of a policy would be prohibited.

As far as assessing an annual fee for maintaining escrow accounts, just realize that any such fee would be a finance charge and would have to be factored into the APR.

Also, suggest your management read the war path message from the CFPB below concerning "junk fees". Excuse my French, but this is the type of [censored] that gives the industry a bad name. Price your loans accordingly and quit the nickel and dime stuff.