privacy policy

Posted By: beegee

privacy policy - 04/13/04 06:40 PM

I am looking for a privacy policy which includes an opt-out provision for affiliates. I am anticipating the FACT Act. We have an insurance company as an affiliate.
Posted By: Bear Collector, CRCM

Re: privacy policy - 04/14/04 08:40 PM

We just use the standard FCRA opt-out:
Fair Credit Reporting Act: This section applies to the entire XYZ Family of Companies
The Fair Credit Reporting Act permits us to share, among the XYZ family of companies, information about you from credit reporting agencies and other outside sources. If you do not wish us to provide this externally derived information to our family of companies, you may advise us by writing us at:

XYZ Bank
Attn: Quality Control
1234 Main Street
Your City, State

To help us identify your accounts and honor your request, please include your name, address, telephone number, social security number, account type(s), and account number(s) as they appear on your statement. Please list all of the accounts you wish to include.

Once we have the FACT Act regulations, we will revise this to include the right to opt out of marketing by affiliates.