privacy issue?

Posted By: beegee

privacy issue? - 04/15/04 05:43 PM

Individual calls the bank and request a copy of a money order she says she gave to a customer, a local car dealership, to make a payment on a car. The car dealership repossess the car because they claim she did not make her payment. The car dealership management is a concern and does not handle their account in a proper manner, sells out of trust, etc.

Our records indicate that the individual did give the car dealership the money order, so it appears that the car dealership is trying something fishy.

Is it a privacy violation to give the individual a copy of the money order given that it was deposited in the car dealerships account.
Posted By: redsfan

Re: privacy issue? - 04/15/04 05:54 PM

Not if she was the original purchaser on the money order.
Posted By: beegee

Re: privacy issue? - 04/15/04 05:56 PM

would her primary recourse be to go back to where she purchased it and try to obtain a copy of it there?
Posted By: OkieOps

Re: privacy issue? - 04/15/04 07:07 PM

If she did not purchase the money order from you, I would send her to where she did purchase it. Think of it in the alternative. Would you want your bank to give a copy of a check you deposited to the person that wrote it to you?