Advanced Compliance Seminars

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Advanced Compliance Seminars - 06/07/04 04:09 PM

I am looking for an advanced lending compliance seminar covering all the lending regulations. I was unable to attend the ABA Conference and would entertain a seminar that gets indepth compared to a conference which is more of a high level; however, if there is another compliance conference I am open to that also. I am in the Chicagoland area; however, I am not opposed to going out of state.
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Re: Advanced Compliance Seminars - 06/07/04 04:16 PM

There are in depth deposit compliance and lending compliance schools coming up in October and November put on by the Wisconsin Bankers Association, some may not apply to you being out of state but that should be minimal. Deposit is November 8-10 and Loan is October 10-14 in Wisconsin Dells. You can e-amil questions to Joan Blankenship at or call 608-441-1252.
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Re: Advanced Compliance Seminars - 06/07/04 05:17 PM

ProBank out of Louisville, KY puts on a good 2-day Compliance with Federal Lending Regulations course.
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Re: Advanced Compliance Seminars - 06/07/04 05:34 PM

Kirchman has an advanced loans seminar on 6/17 and 6/18 at the Western O'Hare. You can check out their seminar schedule here .
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Re: Advanced Compliance Seminars - 06/08/04 03:32 PM

The Kirchman Advanced Seminars are very good!! I attended the Advanced Deposits & Lending seminar in Las Vegas, March 2003. They had separate lending classes-2 days and separate deposit classes-2 days. You could go to either one or both.