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CRCM vs. CCBCO - 06/17/04 02:44 PM

I am considering becoming certified in compliance and I know that both the ABA and the ICBA offer certifications. I would love to hear pros and cons from anyone who has one of these certifications. I'm not looking to start a rumble in the jungle (or Bloodshed in the Blog ), but any advice that you can offer would be helpful.
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Re: CRCM vs. CCBCO - 06/17/04 02:57 PM

If it helps ...I became a CCBCO in 1997 and then a CRCM in 2001. (You didn't have an option for both in your survey.)The test for CRCM was more challenging. In my experience the CCBCO concentrates more on consumer compliance rather than regulatory and consumer compliance (this may have changed since 1997)

For what it is worth ...
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Re: CRCM vs. CCBCO - 06/17/04 04:00 PM

Thanks for the info. Sorry about the survey not letting you choose both. I tried to edit it, but I'm not sure of how to do it. Anyway, if you have both, please say so in the thread. Thanks!
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Re: CRCM vs. CCBCO - 06/17/04 04:34 PM

The CCBCO is somewhat equivalent to the ABA Compliance School. It gets you up and running and you get a designation. It is also less expensive, but less thorough than the ABA school would be. CRCM is more an advanced compliance degree and takes alot more work to study for. I tend to think of CRCM as a doctorate of compliance. The ICBA Program does offer regulatory training - I went in 2000. ACB offers a "CCCO" which is a Consumer Compliance Designation.
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Re: CRCM vs. CCBCO - 06/17/04 04:37 PM

I will say that in talking with more and more headhunters, they want candidates with the CRCM designation.