CRA Public File Update

Posted By: Liz F

CRA Public File Update - 03/29/02 07:31 PM

When the CRA public file has to be current as of April 1, but the HMDA Disclosure Statement for 2001 hasn't been received yet, I thought I remembered reading somewhere that there was something else to put in the file (LAR?) until the Disclosure Statement is received, but I can't find it now. Does anyone know where I might find this?
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: CRA Public File Update - 03/29/02 09:47 PM

I don't recall putting anything in there in the interim. It will simply be updated again when the HMDA is returned.

I used to print out my modified LAR. It was ready for public consumption. Then, after a few comments from my examiners I realized I was wasting paper and time. I can produce it in just a few minutes, if ever requested. "If ever requested" being the operative words. I haven't produced a modified LAR in years.
Posted By: Liz F

Re: CRA Public File Update - 04/01/02 02:51 PM

Thanks so much for your help!
Posted By: prosperity

Re: CRA Public File Update - 04/02/02 09:22 PM


You might want to refer back to the annual CRA Statement CD and the cover letter. I believe that is where this new option was stated.

Basically, it allows us to include a statement of availability upon written request in the public file in stead of the entire report.

I adopted that option particularly since we have 30 locations.