314A report

Posted By: Anonymous

314A report - 07/26/04 03:27 PM

I have returned from vacation and expected to find a new 314A report from FinCen for the 20th of July. I did not receive this information. Was this information received by everyone?
Posted By: BrendaC

Re: 314A report - 07/26/04 03:31 PM

Yes, we received three requests.
Posted By: ITGuy

Re: 314A report - 07/26/04 11:42 PM

I returned from vacation today also. And yes, those loverly requests were waiting for me!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 314A report - 07/27/04 02:27 PM

Unfortunately, I was not on vacation. But, I did not receive the usual 314(a) requests on July 20 either. I emailed FinCEN and they sent it to me last Friday, July 23.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 314A report - 07/29/04 05:53 PM

I spoke to a lady at FinCen on Tuesday and they were going to send me the information that afternoon or Wednesday. It is not almost 2:00 Thursday and I have not yet received it. I called again this morning, left a message and am waiting for a return call.