Posted By: complyaudit2

HOEPA - 04/18/02 07:50 PM

I have read the Bankers Thread on HOEPA earlier this week and starting in February. The worksheet on the link looks to be a helpful tool. I am going to show my ignorance and ask help on how to use the worksheet properly. I am not completely sure how the credit insurance affects the calculations.

Thank you for your assistance.

Posted By: waldensouth

Re: HOEPA - 04/18/02 09:11 PM

Effective October 1, 2002, Credit Insurance must be added to your total points and fees for purposes of this regulation. The spreadsheet is designed to add those up for you and let you know what percentage of your total loan amount (the loan amount less those points and fees) your points and fees are. Adding credit insurance to your loan could cause it to be a HOEPA loan with all those restrictions.