Posted By: M&M

Anti-Tying? - 02/22/05 07:48 PM

Our Wealth Management group wants to provide a wealth plan to top executives of a business, and subsequently their employees. The business will, in turn, pay a reduced fee for the planning services. In return, the bank will make a donation to the business' foundation for every plan completed. I don't think this falls into the "trust" traditional bank exemption, but I'm also not sure if this falls under the prohibited acts. Is this anti-tying?
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: Anti-Tying? - 02/22/05 08:47 PM

I don't believe you are tying one service to an unauthorized, required service. You are making a donation to (a related?) entity based on the business you receive. I can't speak to any trust/ethical issues, but I don't believe it is tying.
Posted By: M&M

Re: Anti-Tying? - 02/22/05 08:53 PM

Thanks Andy! The foundation to which the donation will go is not a related entity to the bank. We had our legal staff review for a Reg W concern, and they found none...