CIP Notice Requirement

Posted By: banksconsultus

CIP Notice Requirement - 08/26/02 11:17 PM

I would be interested to learn how other bankers are addressing the CIP Notice Requirement. Is anyone considering a lobby sign? If so, what will it say? Is anyone developing simple notice for calling officers to use when they collect data for new customer? The on-line notice is a little easier. However, I would be interested in what the professionals out there are doing or not doing.
Posted By: Tina A Sweet

Re: CIP Notice Requirement - 08/26/02 11:25 PM

I have written a notice and will be posting it in the lobby. I feel as compliance officers, and for our bank's protection, a notice in the lobby is required, besides, it will not give regulators any headaches and it will keep them from dealing with staff. If you go to a forum completed on 8/22 you will see my notice and another notice posted. You might find it helpful. Good Luck!
Posted By: banksconsultus

Re: CIP Notice Requirement - 08/27/02 01:09 AM


Thank you for the guidance. I haven't been online recently. Guess I better log in daily. Thanks again.

John Irving
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