ID Theft -Texas law?

Posted By: Rosie27

ID Theft -Texas law? - 06/14/05 04:25 PM

Is there an ID Theft law in Texas which requires that institutions not send out the full SSN on documents or require the SSN (or portion thereof) as a PIN?

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Posted By: juliad

Re: ID Theft -Texas law? - 06/14/05 07:26 PM

I believe these provisions were part of Senate Bill 473 amending Subchapter D, Chapter 35, Business & Commerce
Code --- Section 35.58. I believe they were effective 1/1/05(??), I'm not sure if this would be something preempted by FACTA?
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Re: ID Theft -Texas law? - 06/14/05 08:18 PM

Thanks! I'll look it up.
Posted By: LoisLane

Re: ID Theft -Texas law? - 06/16/05 02:46 PM

About a year or so ago Blue Cross had to change its contract# of Texas residents so that it would no longer be the insured's Social Security Number.
Posted By: Andy_Z

Re: ID Theft -Texas law? - 06/20/05 01:17 PM

Here is 35.58.